So you have an LP Do-It-Yourself jewelry kit? Sweet. Let's make this the best necklace you've made this side of the Mississippi!

 - Measure your cord. You should have enough to make a long necklace, but if you want a shorter necklace just cut the cord to the length you want. 
 - Leave a tail of about 2 inches on both ends of the thread you are using for wrapping. More if you think you'll need a longer piece to tie a knot with.
 - I think it is a good idea to put a dot of super glue on your thread knots. If you are a girl scout, a boy scout, a sailor, or just an overall knot wizard you may skip this.
 - If you have a tassel just string it on between your beads. I just used the pliers to put one on so you could see the progress with and without a tassel.